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Who we are

BoatBooking.one is the first web portal dedicated to the leasing and rental of Catamarans in the world.

Who we are

Through BoatBooking.one it is possible to search and select thousands of rental offers for thousands of Catamarans in thousands of locations around the world. And we have deliberately repeated thousands of times to emphasize the attention on the considerable quantity and completeness of the Catamaran rental offers on BoatBooking.one.

All Catamaran charter offers in the world present on BoatBooking.one and published online are updated in real time and immediately available for confirmation and booking.

Each Catamaran published online on BoatBooking.one is free for rental and booking, without any options and without any obligation to wait for the verification and confirmation of the booking.

BoatBooking.one is aimed at both tourist agencies, holiday and catamaran rental sales collaborators and especially the final customer, who directly or through the consultancy and experience of the agency and sales collaborator , can calmly select and purchase the right offer.

There are searches for early booking offers, last minute booking offers and most popular offers.

BoatBooking.one allows you to search in real time the right Catamaran to rent and suitable for your needs, using multiple search parameters, starting first from the geographical area and the period of interest, filtering and searching by price, length, cabins, berths. , bathrooms, accessories, extras available and much more.

With BoatBooking.one it is always possible to request a tailor-made quote without obligation.

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